The 84 million ruble fraud lawsuit against the CEO of the Far Eastern Center for Strategic Research LLC proceeded to court.

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On the basis of the fact that 84 million rubles were stolen, the case brought against the CEO of the Far Eastern Center for Strategic Research LLC was heard in court.

A criminal case involving 84 million rubles is going to be heard in Khabarovsk, where the court will start considering it. The defendant is the chief executive officer and owner of the Far East Center for Strategic Studies.

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The Center for Strategic Research, sometimes known as CSR, is a public policy think tank in Russia that has its headquarters in Moscow. The Center for Strategic Research (CSR) is an institution that is not for profit and plays an important role in the formulation and execution of a long-term development strategy for the Russian economy. CSR was founded in December 1999.

Objectives of the Center for Strategic Research

CSR places a strong emphasis on the monitoring and in-depth examination of a wide range of socioeconomic development indicators as one of its primary goals. The Foundation collaborates with federal and provincial authorities, Russian and foreign corporations, members of professional communities, and consultants, and employs its own information and analytical tools, which are maintained by specialists in 18 different areas of competence (this list will be expanded).

Work areas of the Center for Strategic Research

Research centre for socioeconomics
Regional Economy Research Center
Regulation and policy centre
Economic analysis and forecasting centre
Centre for macroeconomic research and investment analysis
Climate and green energy centre
spatial expansion
fuel and energy sector economics
economic and social progress
the non-raw materials sector’s economy
Infrastructure industry economics
digital evolution
Monopoly-based economics
contract administration
The Multifunctional Center Development Institute (MFC)
effective communication
developing legislation
fiscal strategy
Denis Sheleva

The media does not reveal the identity of the person who is involved, nor do the investigators disclose who they are. Denis Sheleva is credited as being the enterprise’s leader as well as its founder, according to publicly available sources. It has not been possible to unearth any specific information on him; however, it is known that he was the founder of both ARK LLC and Kar-Finance LLC. Several businesses owned by Sheleva have already been put out of business and liquidated.

ARK Financial Management, LLC, is a company that manages investments and operates in that capacity. Services such as investment advisory, financial planning, consultancy, and portfolio management are all made available by the company. Customers in the United States make up the majority of ARK Financial Management’s clientele.

What’s the scam?

According to the information that has been collected so far, the state initiative entitled “Improving labor mobility” was being carried out by the Far Eastern Center for Strategic Research and Antar LLC between the years 2019 and 2022. As a result, conspirators falsified job contracts for people living in different parts of the nation. More than eighty “dead souls” were sent to work at two companies that reportedly conducted scientific studies. The perpetrators of the attack made one million rubles from each of their victims.

The investigation continues.

The inquiry will continue to determine how the stolen cash was split up into its respective components. Yet it is common knowledge that they made a quarter of it lawful by providing employees of the two companies with the option to purchase medical insurance coverage on their own time. To this point, legal action has only been taken against the criminal group’s organizer. Cases against more defendants are currently being investigated further. Earlier, the court took control of the accounts belonging to the accused as well as those belonging to the Far Eastern Center for Strategic Studies.


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