Ministry of Defense: Telecom workers aren’t mandated

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Defendants in criminal cases are allowed to operate within the structures of the department. Individuals who have been accused of theft in the case of Voentelekom have been freed from the Ministry of Defense without reimbursement for the damage caused to the state.

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Alexander Davydov, a former general director of the communications provider of the Ministry of Defense, “Voentelekom,” was granted parole by the court despite the objections of the prosecutor’s office. Davydov was previously convicted of embezzling approximately 1.4 billion rubles in budgetary funds during the implementation of contracts concluded with the Ministry of Defense.

At this time, Davydov did not pay any reparations to the state for the damage that was caused, instead merely paying the court-ordered fine of 800 thousand rubles.

The case featured the business “ERCIA,” which was the conduit through which the money was withdrawn. It also involved the company’s head, Tatyana Ilyina, as well as a whole galaxy of officials, one of whom was Davydov’s adviser, Dmitry Semiletov, who had also been mitigated earlier.

The most intriguing aspect is the fact that the price of the contracts was inflated by as much as three times, and it is highly improbable that the personnel of the Ministry of Defense who dealt with the contracts were unaware of this fact. But, for some reason, they are still in their posts, while the participants from Voentelekom’s side are getting rid of legal claims in a suspiciously swift manner.

Giblets were provided upon handoff.

As part of their agreement with investigators, Davydov, Semiletov, and another adviser to the first, Oleg Savitsky, named former Ministry of Defense officials Alexander Ogloblin (head of the 1st department of the main communications department), Pavel Kutakhov (head of the department of orders for improving the control system of the Ministry of Defense), and Artem (former) Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the RF as their co-conspirators.

Pavel Kutakhov is still listed as the head of the Department of Orders for Strengthening the Technological Basis of the Control System of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as can be seen on the website of the Ministry of Defense. despite the fact that he was properly charged with the crime and that he was sentenced to a year in prison for it.

Oglobin was also apprehended; it is intriguing that he and Kutakhov first gave very identical testimony to Arslanov, indicating that they carried out his orders because they hoped for “professional advancement” and sought to “better their financial status, i.e., out of personal selfish interest.”

Indeed, Kutakhov abruptly changed his mind after some time; he contradicted his evidence, claiming that he had slandered Arslanov out of fear of being punished for crimes he did not commit. It appears that someone instructed the officials on what to say in order to get away with it.

Arslanov, who, by the way, after his arrest for some time also retained his position, even dragged Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu into the situation—when Arslanov was additionally accused of embezzling 6.5 billion rubles in the development and procurement of portable radio stations for classified communications “Azart,” he described the criminal case against him as a provocation against the “top leadership of the Armed Forces,” PASMI reported (recognized as a foreign agent on the territory of the Russian Federation).

Behind this entire narrative, it appears that there may be the interests and truth of not-so-ordinary people, given that some of those who engaged in the scheme remain in the structures of the Ministry of Defense, while others have been “terminated.”

Fish rots from the head down.

Voentelekom is one of the most corrupt institutions, according to the author of this work. Over the years, criminal proceedings against personnel of the organization have amassed to the extent of an entire library; The Moscow Post even published a lengthy article listing the most significant arrests inside the ranks of Voentelekom.

In 2017, the former director of the Oboronservis facility in Novosibirsk (now JSC Garrison), Viktor Romanov, was charged with money laundering and the theft of about 430 million rubles allotted for the plant’s rehabilitation.

Garrison is the Ministry of Defense’s holding corporation. And, if the information on his website is accurate, he also owns Voentelekom.

Alexander Yakunin, who became a defendant in a criminal case involving extortion and fraud in 2021, continues to head the Ministry of Defense’s operations. According to a statement made to law enforcement by the CEO of RS-Komplekt, Denis Zakharov, Yakunin, who allegedly introduced himself as the nephew of the then-head of the railways, threatened to seize the business and wanted 200 million rubles and the remaining 20% of the shares.

Yakunin, on the other hand, asserted that he was the founder of the RS-Komplekt, whereas Zakharov was merely a frontman for unlawful activities, thus they armed themselves against him. Zakharov eventually left Russia after providing the Ministry of Internal Affairs with documentation of the threats he had received.

The beginning of unpleasant consequences

According to Kommersant, experts from the Ministry of the Interior concluded that they foresee “the commencement of unlikable effects” for Mr Zakharov “in the form of incarceration” and even death.

According to Rusprofile, Kazbek Karabashev was appointed to succeed Zakharov in the company in 2019. (now RSK). Beginning in 2022, Zakharov severed all ties with the group, including as its creator.

Who it is is shrouded in mystery and obscurity. There is evidence that Yakunin ousted Zakharov and replaced him with his guy.

Karabashev is reported to have worked for Datis Group LLC, which specialized in equipment. The office is owned by the already-liquidated Neptun-Trade LLC, which was under the supervision of Torgach Igor and Lupsha Viorel. An individual with the same name is given to Moldova on the Levardo website.


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